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1. For washing machine with capacity over 5 kg, use two (2) MagicEra washing
    balls. Put the balls together with Laundry into the laundry vessel and fill it with
* For normal laundry load, run the washing machine with two MagicEra Washing
* For heavily soiled laundry, you can add the amount of 1/5 (one fifth) baking
   soda with MagicEra Washing Ball for optimum wash.
* When running the washing machine, we recommend that you separate your
   laundry by colors and fabric.
* For delicate , it is recommended to pre-soak delicates with the balls in a
   bucket of water for an hour and hands wash them.

2. After finishing the laundry load, you can leave the MagicEra Washing Ball in the
    machine for the next load or the next time you wash.

3. Take the MagicEra Washing ball and expose it under the sunlight to once a
    month for better efficiency.
* use in washing machine (front load or top load)
* Good for three years ( based upon once a day usage)
* For maximum effectiveness, let the laundry soak in the water for an hour.
   This will allow theMagicEra Washing Ball to convert water into activated water.

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