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What are the ingredients?
MagicEra Washing Ball do not contain chemicals, animal derivatives or toxic chemicals that are harmful to your health and environment. It contains three different ceramic balls which are  made of 83 different kinds of natural minerals.

Does it clean well?
It cleans as much as any regular detergent does in the market. If you have strong stains such as spaghetti or coffee we recommend you to use 1/5 baking soda or you can pre soak the clothes with the balls in a bucket for an hour.

Can I still use it even I have sensitive skin?
Since it is chemical free, it is safe to use for sensitive skin.

Can I wash infant clothes with MagicEra Washing Ball?
Of course. It is perfectly safe for baby clothes. Because it does not contain any chemical, it is a perfect product for the baby with sensitive skin. For the heavily soiled stains, we recommend to use 1/5 of baking soda or soak the fibre with the balls for an hour.

Are the balls fragrant?
We offer two different MagicEra Washing balls; a soft fruit fragrance and non fragrance.

How long will they last?
You can use the MagicEra Washing Ball up to 3 years if you use the ball every day. That’s more than 1000 loads.

Can I use the MagicEra Washing Ball in my front loader?
Absolutely yes. You can use MagicEra Washing ball in top load and front load.

Is it safe for delicate fabric?
It is recommended to pre-soak delicate fabric with the balls in a bucket of water for an hour and then hands wash them.

Should I use fabric softener?
Not necessary, MagicEra Washing Ball increases the pH level of the water, which softens the clothes so you don’t need to use fabric softener.

Still need more information?
If you have a question you would like to ask , please email us at
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